Think twice before that extra helping of desserts

Having a sweet tooth, I think desserts are a blessing to mankind. No matter, what the main course is, to me, a meal is never really complete without a helping of the dessert. In fact, each time I go out for dinner or lunch, the first thing I do is scan the menu for the list of desserts that the restaurant offers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that.

The not-so-sweet side of sweets

The desserts may tend to be extremely heavy. Since, they are usually served after dinner, consistent consumption could lead to a big belly. Thus, I consume small quantity of deserts after dinner. I suggest cool deserts especially after dinner.

Some important tips you can use the next time you cook

An individual can consider use of various items which are sweet to taste but do not contain direct sugar in them. Their usage however, has to be supervised carefully. It is important to also include sweet fruits like banana, grapes, orange, etc, to facilitate the sweet taste. I always use fruits in substitution of sugar to ensure a new and a healthy flavor. Adding some dry fruits from the top can make it even more delicious.

Delicious pudding recipe

Pudding is usually considered to be as a sweet and delicious dessert. In puddings, we find more number of dry fruits, because puddings are considered to be as dessert, which are eaten at the end of the meal. In UK, different pudding recipes are quite famous. I am addicted to the taste of pudding and always consider is extremely delicious.
Pudding is usually prepared by mixing several ingredients, with a cultivated cereal or the binder material such as butter, flour and eggs, which forms a solid mass. The requirement can decide whether, these puddings may be boiled, baked or steamed. I prefer serving puddings as after meal dishes.

There are two types of pudding

• Savory pudding
I feel savory pudding is quite easy to prepare as I can arrange ingredients a day before and prepare it next day. The savory puddings have different types-
 Batter Puddings
 Black pudding
 Yorkshire pudding
 Boudin
 Cheese pudding
 Corn Pudding
 Pease pudding

• Dessert pudding
Deserts form an important part of the meal. I prefer serving them after the main meals. They are generally made from milk products and fruits (dry fruits are also added). There are different types of desserts. They are as follows.
 Banana pudding
 Bread pudding
 Bread and Butter pudding
 Chocolate pudding
 Fruit pudding
 Cottage pudding
 Indian pudding
 Rice Pudding
 Christmas pudding
 Vanilla pudding
 Sweet Potato pudding

ABC Pudding

ABC Pudding is prepared by avocado, which is developed fully and it should be peeled and the stones of the Avocado should be removed, before preparing and we need 4 fully ripe bananas and 250 g of unsweetened cocoa powder.
The ABC pudding is not so sweet in taste but extremely good for health. I consider ABC pudding weekly once, as it can be beneficial for making me remain fit and healthy.

Why you should not shy away from desserts?

Health benefits of sweets

Every time I feel low, be it because of a bad day at work or a fight with my sister or just a bad mood for no particular reason, there is one solution to all my woes- just more dessert! They are instant mood lifters. I feel particularly relieved and happy right after having a bite of your favorite chocolate. That is because, chocolates release a particular hormone in our brain called oxytocin; this is often referred to as ‘happy hormone’.

A simple recipe for the health conscious

Being as health conscious as I am, I always find ways to give in to my sweet cravings yet eat healthy. I always advice people to include fresh fruits into their diet. Here’s a simple recipe you can whip up in a few minutes, the next time you have craving for something sweet. Cut all your favorite fruits into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add some cream or some strawberry or chocolate syrup.
If you don’t prefer to eat fruits, you could always add ice-cream into this and blend it for 3 minutes and prepare a fresh fruit smoothie. You could also add some nuts on top and sip it.

Recipes to make delicious food

People all over the world irrespective of age, love to relish delicious food either at good restaurants or home. Many restaurants are available, where chefs make all kinds of food such as Italian, Chinese, Continental, Greek and so on. But in fact, it is more important to concentrate on eating healthy food, which is also delicious. Homemade food is the best option to eat healthy. Trying delicious food recipes at home can be very interesting.

Recipes for some delicious food

I tried some delicious food recipes at home for my family. Chinese food comprises of more vegetables and a little less oil. I preferred trying out the Chinese egg rolls. For this, I required finely chopped carrots, cabbage, onion, garlic and bamboo shoots. Then, we need soya sauce, beaten egg, egg roll skin, shrimps and oil for frying.
First, I mixed the vegetables along with sauce and shrimps and put the mixture in freezer to cool. The oil has to be heated. Then, I put the mixture into the egg roll skin. Then, I fold one corner over mixture and the ends. Brush egg mixture on exposed corner of wrapper to help seal egg roll. Then, I put the egg rolls in oil and fry till they turn golden brown.
Another simple recipe is a drink called as blender lemon drink and an Australian recipe. The lemons are cut and put it in the blender. Then, I add sugar and blend for 30 seconds. Then, I wash egg and add it to the blender, along with ice cubes and blend again for 30 seconds. Finally, strain it into the glass and add mint sprigs for decoration.

Tips for cooking

No matter, how skilled we may be in cooking, we can learn some new tricks to make cooking more enjoyable. It is important to have all ingredients ready and plan out the cooking, a day before. This helps us make delicious food recipes instantly.

It’s all about Food!

No matter, how much I write the topic around food always seems endless. There is so much of food to try and learn, goodness I can’t imagine. It is easy to find good places to eat around but, not all have delicious food. You need to actually find what is interesting in a particular place.

Finding your food

The most delicious food recipes that I have actually encountered eating are the ones made at home. Yes, home cooked meals are more delicious than any other meals. It’s true that sometimes you can easily get bored of it, if you don’t find variations in it. I discovered that, it’s very important to sometimes experiment with the food I make. I am actually a person, who gets bored of meals easily. I need some kind of accompaniment so that, every eating is not that boring.

Variations in food

After being away from my home, I have realised that some delicious food recipes that were cooked by my mom and my grandmother have actually been so strong in flavours. I keep that in mind and make my own variations. My husband enjoys, whatever I cook even the normal basic meals. Whereas me, I need some change of taste along. I research online or check with my closed ones for some authentic recipes. Many of them are so lip smacking; you can’t get enough of it. The chicken curries, the Chinese recipes, pasta and other traditional and international recipes make your cooking spree so interesting.

An experiment always!!!!

With food, there is a lot to explore. Every recipe is so unique that sometimes, you are eager to try them out yourself making them at home. Specially, if you have the passion to cook. I never cooked that often earlier, as I do now. And I find it so interesting. Now, everything is so easily available online, you want to try making something new, go to Google or YouTube and check a video.
This had been handy for me for my entire new cooking endeavour. It is more like a guide book for me. Some of them seem to look complicated, but they are actually not. Some of them are so quick that, I didn’t realise till I tried them. For instance, I always loved eating pancakes whenever, I travelled but, never knew the basic technique. I looked it up and, there were so many ways of doing it and it has been easy since then.
The amazing fact is whenever I try it out, it turns out just the way, I want. Similar thing was with the white sauce, I could never judge the consistency, but some recipes showed me, how simple it was.
Looking at so many places and so seeing so many types of food, the hunt for some of the delicious food recipes still continues. I don’t think it can ever end. There is something new made every day or something new is created with innovations. Food is something that always cheers me up, whether eating or cooking, both have a significant impact on me.